Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise (Official Music Video)

Another Day In Paradise” was the first single to be released from Phil Collins’ number-1 1989 album ‘…But Seriously’. Buy Phil’s autobiography “Not Dead Yet” …

48 thoughts on “Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise (Official Music Video)”

  1. will show this song to my friends when they want to leave my country to work in other countries. We do not realize that for us another country is paradise and for others it is a nightmare.

  2. Hay que volver a renacer esta musica, con sentido, melodía y que estremece la piel, dejar un poco de lado lo comercial, ejemplo reggeaton que se encarga de destruir cosas que con esta musica se quisieron forjar desde siempre. LARGA VIDA A LOS OLDIES, MUSICA QUE QUEDARÁ EN EL ALMA DE TODOS SUS AMANTES!!♥♥

  3. My dad used to listen to this song, and still is. I really never got to listen to the lyrics. Now whenever he plays it, i love to listen to it with him, and just read the lyrics, it just hits you in heart so deep, amazing artist, amazing song <3

  4. I was a homeless person once. The feeling that everyday is the same, the feeling that everyone sees you as a person who does not have a right to be in a society, the impossbility of getting a job, the feeling that you cannot be understood, these…are sometimes just overwhelming.

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